Inventory Management

Tetraduo securely and permanently stores comprehensive records of each batch / lot beyond seed to sale. Batch records and lot numbers can be accurately tracked and accounted for at any stage in the distribution process up to the sale of the product. This information can be quickly accessed, generated into a report, and sent to appropriate stakeholders.

Tetraduo also includes user protection settings to restrict edits of and access to specific features and data in the software. This ensures that Tetraduo will always collect every bit of necessary data to keep your business compliant with Health Canada guidelines.


Tetraduo is equipped with robust reporting functionality, enabling it to generate real-time reports to track the status of accounts, orders, inventory, sales, and more. Generate, store, print and email custom reports, including recall reports. Tetraduo stores information in accordance with Health Canada’s Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System (CTLS) requirements, allowing users to export appropriate information and push it into the CTLS.