Your cannabis business toolbox.


Tetraduo is an ecosystem of tools and business solutions that work together to automate and streamline your business processes. Tetraduo customers gain access to all of the following tools:



Enterprise Resource Planning

Manage your business.  

Tetraduo’s robust ERP software is the backbone of your business management ecosystem. Avoid duplicate entry and keying errors with inventory and accounting software, and automate processes across all departments in your business.

Track individual lots and batches and manage mandatory recalls; take advantage of secure and accurate accounting and financial   software; manage your inventory across multiple warehouse locations; track and store order information from all sales channels, adhere to compliance requirements and gain access to critical reporting data in one central system.


Shopify Plus Integration

Open for business.

Take advantage of one of the biggest eCommerce platforms on the internet. Scale your cannabusiness with ease, utilizing Tetraduo’s ERP and Shopify’s ability to handle high-volume data movements. Most importantly, eliminate manual order entry and maintain data purity between purchasing and supply.

Shopify Plus also enables the use of a variety of third-party applications, completely filling your customer’s needs and allowing you to expand your business.


Cultivation / Harvest Software

Grow your business.

Tetraduo comes complete with precision cultivation technology, powered by wireless IoT environmental sensors to capture pristine digital records. Monitor your plants and track growth processes in the same platform used by your retailers and distributors and ensure they can access the same information that you can.

Internet of Things (IoT) sensors allow you to track and manage millions of dynamic inputs and translate them to Tetraduo’s proprietary ERP system.

While Tetraduo interfaces with these sensors, they are not included in Tetraduo and must be purchased separately.


Automation / Integration

Automate your business.

Tetraduo takes data automation to the next level. Bundle all of your digital solutions together into a robust ecosystem that can function without anything getting in the way. Tetraduo’s data automation is agile, scalable, and can react in real-time to market changes and the growth of your cannabusiness.

Powered by a top iPaaS point-to-multipoint serverless data integration platform. Tetraduo is not a PHP-based static integration and data migration system - Tetraduo is a growing digital ecosystem built to handle high volumes of data with ease.